On the basis of a low-power mini-computer created a home brewery

Based on a low-power mini-computer, Raspberry Pi created a home brewery. Device helps maintain

ideal conditions for creating a drink.

Reddit introduced the brewery underNickname Warshi7819. Recently, he acquired the Raspberry Pi 3 B +, an inexpensive microcomputer that is a motherboard equipped with a Broadcom 4 × 1400 MHz processor and 1 GB of RAM. The device is connected to two waterproof sensors, which are placed inside a 60-liter digester. Sensors monitor the temperature inside. In addition, the computer controls the heating element. All this helps maintain the perfect cooking temperature.

You can even control the process using the user interface. The user can specify all the subtleties of the recipe.

In the future, Warshi7819 intends to add the ability to remotely control the brewery via Wi-Fi.