On the computer with the Russian processor "Elbrus" launched TES Morrowind

The private company MCST published on the Instagram account of the Yandex Museum a video of the launch of the legendary TES Morrowind on

Elbrus computer.

How does it work

Fully demonstrate the capabilities of the machineMCST has not yet been resolved. The video shows the process of loading the game and the first minutes of gameplay, without indicating the computer configuration and FPS counter. The company also took into account the past mistake with the pirated Vice City and launched Morrowind on the cross-platform OpenMW engine, which is freely available.


Previously, MCST demonstrated a configuration consisting of a quad-core Elbrus-4C processor, 1 GB of RAM and a Radeon HD 6450 video card. The computer runs on a specialized build of Linux.