On the new platform, anyone can make their own gadget without batteries

Called BFree, the new system has energy harvesting equipment and is also resistant to power outages.

Python version. On it, you can make its own analog from any device, only without batteries.

Basic knowledge of Python is enough to work with the platform. As a result, any new sensor can be made that can operate on solar energy indefinitely.

The main problem with such devices is the lack ofsun. When the power supply goes out, the gadget usually stops working. But the authors of the new idea said they had foreseen it. If the sun stops shining, then BFree pauses calculations until the power source appears again: in this case, information about all operations is saved

According to the developers, the new system will help users to easily switch to devices without batteries, as they negatively affect the environment, and disposal is not always organized correctly.

Instructions for creating and using the new technology can be found on GitHub.

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