On watchOS 6, you can delete regular applications

Apple has decided to expand the capabilities of Apple Watch owners. This is reported by foreign

TechCrunch publication. We are talking about the ability to delete standard applications on the watch.

As reported by foreign media, in the new platformwatchOS 6, besides the changes announced at the presentation, will also have some other innovations. Including wrist gadget users will be able to delete most of the embedded applications, including Alarm, Timer, Stopwatch, Remote Control, Radio, Radio, ECG, Breath, Cycle Tracking, etc. However, not all applications can be deleted. For example, Messages and applications for tracking heartbeats can not be deleted.

Note that some Apple apps have alreadyYou can delete on Apple Watch, for example, Calendar, Stocks and Weather. Since removing the embedded application on the iPhone also removes the application from the paired Apple Watch. However, this method does not work for WatchOS applications that lack an analogue of iOS, for example, Timer and Radio.

New watchOS 6 will allow you to delete almostany embedded application directly on Apple Watch. As it is already possible with third-party applications, users will be able to delete embedded applications by pressing and holding their finger on the icon to enter the so-called “wiggle mode”. Then you need to click on the "X" button that appears above the application icon.

Note that at the moment the developersthey are testing the second beta of watchOS 6. This feature is not available yet. It is reported that the new feature will appear closer to the public release of watchOS 6, which will be held in the fall.