One more step to the world wide web: SpaceX began deploying Starlink satellites

The company Ilona Mask SpaceX has launched the first stage of the Wi-Fi program and successfully launched

orbit the first batch of 60 Starlink satellites.

What is the next step

Satellites delivered to an altitude of 550 kilometers fromusing the Falcon 9 launch vehicle. The weight of each device is 227 kilograms; electrostatic Hall engines running on solar energy are installed in them to adjust their movement. In the future, the company wants to launch into orbit even up to 12,000 such satellites. If everything goes smoothly, people will be able to connect to the SpaceX Internet from anywhere in the world. The connection speed will be up to 1 Gbps - modestly, but on a large scale.

The first step of each involved in the programthe rocket is equipped with a reusable accelerator, which means that they will return to the seats in automatic mode. This approach will significantly save the SpaceX budget.