One of the first 5G smartphones from OnePlus

At the upcoming MWC, there will be a full set of smartphone manufacturers, companies will showits novelties, some of the

which promise mini-revolutions in the segment.One of the companies that will bring their new products will be the Chinese OnePlus. The head of the company spoke about how revolutionary 5G technology is and how its development will change a lot, including in the smartphone market. He also said that a new smartphone with full support for 5G is almost ready; it will be demonstrated along with the future flagship smartphone without 5G. The exhibition is very soon, which means that a new smartphone that supports the latest generation of cellular networks will be shown there.

Fast and expensive

Earlier, the head of OnePlus already hinted at a quick release.such a smartphone, saying that a 5G device would cost customers a tidy sum. There are no key features and details about the upcoming smartphone, however, the basic functions and technologies are easily calculated right now. To begin with, the new flagship smartphone will receive a Snapdragon 855 processor. This chipset already has an integrated 5G modem called the Snapdragon X50 by default. This is one of the advantages of the American chip maker, because no one else has such a modem yet. However, previous generations of Snapdragon (in any case, 845) are compatible with the new modem, however, companies are unlikely to want to install a new modem in the old chipset, and OnePlus will accurately select the latest processor version.


One of the reasons for confidence in the latest generationThe processor is based on the history of the company. Since its inception, the manufacturer has offered buyers only smartphones with top-end hardware, while maintaining fairly low price tags. With the first smartphone OnePlus One it was. But this time, it is unlikely that they will be able to stay within 400-500 dollars, since only 5G support will cost the buyers, according to the director, at least 200 dollars. That is, the new product will be more expensive than the last OnePlus 6T for $ 200 or $ 300, and it costs $ 550. And still it turns out much cheaper than the vast majority of the flagships of other manufacturers with similar indicators.

True, the brand is slowly losing its killer statusflagships as the business expands, and you have to think about profits. And brand awareness is already available. In general, the company will no longer have low price tags.

release date

Smartphone with 5G after the premiere at the exhibition will riseon the conveyor by the end of spring. The manufacturer threatens to update the memory in the smartphone to UFS 3, that is, the new product will be equipped with fast memory. Also promised a large amount of RAM, support for high-speed charging and a new cooling system. For a powerful processor, as well as for the 5G hot modem, an efficient heat sink will be required. Of course, OnePlus, for sure, keeps a couple of chips a secret, and we will see even more advanced gadgets. Wait is not long.