One of the most successful democratic smartphones of 2020 - HONOR 20 Lite

FerraEvaluation Smartphones are similar to the Rubik's Cube - they either "everything worked out perfectly", or with some

from the sides they look strange (and sometimes not withone, but several). To understand this, you have to study the table with the characteristics for each model within the budget, then find out from the information on various sites which of these characteristics are important and which are not, and, finally, put the candidates for purchase from best to worst in terms of price ratio and quality. Or read our review and see that such a smartphone already exists.

Table of contents

  • Specifications
  • Appearance
  • Screen
  • Performance and autonomy
  • Camera
  • Total

If you have opened a price aggregator over the past yearon democratic smartphones in online stores, you probably felt the same thing, which fashionistas have said since ancient times - “there are a lot of things, but there is nothing to put on.”
Because on one side of the barricades are smartphones with such aggressive savings on the little things that they only fit the role of spare phones for work and "if I break it, there will be little loss."

On the other hand, smartphones with decent features ... and at a price of 20 thousand rubles, or slightly less. You can fork out with a wide rush of soul, but saving should be economical, right?