One of the planets of the solar system was called a myth

Astronomers at the University of Michigan have called one of the planets in the solar system a myth. In their opinion, the data

confirming the existence of the ninth planet of the solar system, could have formed as a result of a systematic observation error.

Recall that the theory that far beyond the orbitNeptune is located Planet X is based on the extended elliptical orbits of extreme trans-Neptunian objects (ETNO). It is noted that they do not approach the Sun closer than 30 astronomical units. Astronomers have found that the points of the orbit located near the Sun are displaced by a certain angle. With the help of modeling, they came to the conclusion that this happens when a large planet, located at a distance of 400 to 800 astronomical units, weighs five to ten times the weight of the Earth.

In a recent scientific work, experts reported thatmodeling was carried out at only six sites. They studied the orbits of a larger sample of ETNO and found that they are located in accordance with a uniform distribution of celestial bodies. Thus, information on trans-Neptunian objects cannot be a sign of the existence of Planet X.