OnePlus 7 Preview

OnePlus 7 is among the most anticipated flagships from the Chinese expanses in 2019. Over time date

the release of new items closer and closer. And based on all the rumors and leaks, it is already possible to draw any conclusions and make a preliminary overview of the phone. There are several topics that worry us: what's new in OnePlus 7, how good the camera will be, whether there will be any other surprises from the manufacturer besides what we already know.

Preliminary review

So, let's start with the technical characteristics, about which we already have some idea on the basis of teasers and other chatter on the web:

  • Snapdragon 855, 7 nm processor
  • 6.5 "AMOLED screen, Full HD resolution
  • Edge-to-edge display with no cutout in the screen
  • Retractable Selfie Camera Module
  • RAM 6 GB / 8 GB or more
  • 128 GB internal memory
  • Dual SIM support, no microSD
  • 4150 mAh battery
  • No 3.5 mm headphone jack

Of course, the biggest surprise for fansthere will be a lack of a notch on the display, due to which it will be possible to reach the display from edge to edge with a ratio to the body of more than 90%. The photo, which testifies to this feature, was obtained from the source @ OnLeaks.

Since the selfie camera will need to be somewhereoff-screen, the manufacturer will go to the new design of the smartphone with a slider design. That is, the top of the phone will have a two-component design. The user will need to quickly move the phone up and down if he wants to use the face recognition system.

We also expect the manufacturer to fixa misunderstanding on the 6T version, namely the fingerprint scanner. It should work faster. The interpretation of the optical sensor in the display, which is used in the OnePlus 6T, does not suit everyone. The usual sensor works much faster. In OnePlus 7, the scanner is expected to do its direct job 30% faster. At the same time, the scanner will remain optical, not ultrasonic, as we saw in the Galaxy S10.

Some information about the camera. Oneplus 7 can get a triple camera in the back. There is an assumption that the launch of the new OnePlus 7 coincides with the availability of the new 48-megapixel Sony sensor for phones, and it has great prospects. It uses four pixel-by-one pixel technology, providing a significant improvement in the quality of photos in low light.

This sensor may well be the main, but notthe only one. It is said that OnePlus 7 will be equipped with a triple camera at the back. But until now, rumors pointed to the main lens and an additional camera used to collect additional information about the depth, as well as an ultra wide camera.

As for the front camera, it is alreadyit was said above will be hidden. To turn it on, it will be necessary to activate the sliding mechanism. Each time, it will creep out as soon as you turn on selfie-shooting in the Camera app. The mechanism itself is quite fast, but it’s too early to speak about its reliability.

Price and release date. The new OnePlus 7 should be announced in May or June 2019. According to preliminary data, its cost will be slightly increased, since there will be a new generation processor, a top display. The price of OnePlus 7 will start from $ 580 to $ 600 for the base model, and for advanced versions the price tag will be increased.