OnePlus 7 Pro turned out to be too big

In 2018-2019, a real race began between smartphone manufacturers for the largest display from

edge to edge, which will not be obstructedno additional cutouts, notches, «chins» etc. What lengths companies go to to achieve their goals — The retractable front camera is a prime example of this. However, this is not always justified.

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Feedback on the dimensions

A striking example of this can be the review of one ofowners of the new OnePlus 7 Pro, which entered the market just a few days ago. For the last couple of years, he has been using OnePlus phones, starting with the first generation. And finally, in his hands, the brand new OnePlus 7 Pro with a stunning display, high performance and, in his opinion, the best implementation of portrait mode that he has ever seen. In short, among all the phones from OnePlus, the latest one turned out to be the most impressive. However, he still decided to return OnePlus 7 Pro. The flagship turned out to be indecently large and thick.

Comparison with other smartphones

Indeed, the OnePlus 7 Pro is not just bigsmartphone, it is much higher than almost all current flagships and new items in the mobile market. It does not fit in your pocket, sticks out and is very heavy. Compared to other tubes from OnePlus, it was the thickest. In a word, OnePlus 7 Pro is very cumbersome. Below we have compared the new items with some other phones to understand how different its size.

Indeed, every year OnePlus phones become more and more. OnePlus 7 Pro has reached incredible sizes. And willy nilly, the question is spinning in the head, what will the OnePlus 8 look like

As for other manufacturers such asSamsung and Apple solve this problem very simply. The line always includes a smaller version of the flagship especially for those who prefer compact smartphone sizes. For the iPhone XS Max, you have the XS. For the Galaxy S10+, you have the smaller S10, as well as the really compact S10e. OnePlus doesn't offer a smaller version.

Of course, users today love bigtelephones. But OnePlus launched an extremely large flagship without a smaller alternative, risking losing some customers who prefer mid-sized devices that actually fit in your pockets.