OnePlus Ace (10R) is good for everyone, but there is a nuance

The host of the channel praised the new smartphone from OnePlus - Ace (10R). It turned out that this model has one significant

flaw. Discuss expert Andrey in a YouTube issue listed the main pros and cons of the OnePlus Ace (10R) smartphone. In general, everything is good in this device, except for one thing.

In terms of ergonomics, ease of use OnePlusAce got worse. Due to the square shape, it is not so comfortable in the hand. The case material is glass. The smartphone is also equipped with stereo speakers, and the fingerprint scanner is located in the unlock button. The device comes with an 80 W charger, and along with the version with 12 GB of RAM, a 150 W power supply will be in the box.

One of the main selling points of the 10R is the display.The smartphone is equipped with a 6.7-inch screen with a Flued AMOLED matrix and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, with up to 720 Hz. In general, the device also has a good margin of brightness.

The processor is on OnePlus Ace (10R) – MediaTek8100 (RAM - 8/12 GB). This is a powerful model, so the smartphone works very quickly and its response speed is excellent. In AnTuTu, the device scores 728 thousand points. All games on this device run at high graphics settings, and there are no particular problems with heating either.

The battery capacity of the smartphone is 4500mAh Also included with the version with 12 GB of RAM is charging 150 W (in fast charging mode, the device charges in 15 minutes, without this mode - about 25 minutes). OnePlus Ace (10R) at the same time easily survives until the end of the day, even with heavy loads.

As for the cameras, the main module has a resolution of 50 MP and optical stabilization. The wide-angle lens here is 8 MP, the telephoto lens is 2 MP. The selfie camera has a resolution of 16 MP.

Photos on the front camera are obtainedreally good, but you can’t say the same about the main camera. Video on the main lens can be shot in 4K, and the videos in this case are pretty good. As for the shots on the main lens, some photos contain errors and noise. That is, this camera is unstable.


While the OnePlus Ace (10R) doesn't have a headphone jack, it does have stereo speakers. And the smartphone sounds really good.

Ace (10R) works on Android 12. The firmware is also stable and fast.


According to the expert, OnePlus Ace (10R) is veryambiguous smartphone. In some ways, it really has become more interesting than previous models (for example, in design, screen refresh rate, processor), but at the same time, the camera, for example, has become worse.