OnePlus Ace 2 (11R) poses in studio photos next to OnePlus 11

OPPO, which loves rebranding, managed to introduce one smartphone twice yesterday: first as OnePlus Ace 2 for

China, then as OnePlus 11R for India (and, inperspective, the global market). The device offers a curious combination of filling and price, and is also notable for its design from the flagship OnePlus 11. Chinese bloggers already offer a look at the newcomer live, filming it in both colors and even next to the OnePlus 11 itself. It may be difficult for an inexperienced user to distinguish them from each other, but subtleties will come to the rescue: the absence of the Hasselblad logo on the main camera block on the Ace 2 (11R) and the front camera hole shifted to the center of the display. In general, the device looks no worse than almost twice as expensive fellow.

    © Vladimir Kovalev.

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