OnePlus develops rival AirPods and Galaxy Buds

The wireless earbuds market is growing rapidly, and almost all brands are looking to capitalize on it. IN

As a result, new product models appear every now and then, but pretty soon the competition will become even more intense.

OnePlus Wireless Headphones

OnePlus Smartphones Already Successfulestablished themselves in the mobile community and made a worthy competition to the top flagships. Now the Chinese manufacturer is preparing to strike the next blow. It is reported that OnePlus is preparing to release its own version of wireless headphones.

Since no further informationIt was not provided, at this stage it is not confirmed what design OnePlus aspires to. However, the brand’s brief history in the wireless headphone segment suggests that an AirPods-style design is unlikely. Instead, the upcoming product will likely resemble the wireless version of the Bullets Wireless line.

In them, as in many other headphones,Adjustable silicone tips are used, which often provide a better fit and help improve sound insulation. This design also has the advantage of active noise reduction, if present. Although the question of whether OnePlus plans to enable this feature remains a mystery.

Despite this, it is expected that OnePlussignificantly undermine its main competitors, including AirPods and Galaxy Buds. Without active noise canceling, headphones can cost $ 99. If the function is enabled, a price tag of $ 150 to $ 200 can be set.