OnePlus responded with restraint to the OnePlus 10T fiasco in durability tests

JerryRigEverything recently tested the latest flagship OnePlus 10T. The smartphone did not survive the test - like its older brother

OnePlus 10 Pro, the device broke in half whencarrying out a bend test, which caused a lot of questions for OnePlus (besides discussions on the usefulness of such tests, of course). The Chinese company decided to respond to the discovery of a popular blogger. Her comment was shared by Brand representatives noted that OnePlus smartphones undergo an extensive list of tests, including pressure tests. Specifically, OnePlus 10T received more than 45 kg at the peak and successfully passed the test.

The Chinese also added that when developingSmartphones are not only about visual appeal, but also about durability, so OnePlus (and the 10T in particular) is capable of withstanding everyday stress. Thus, OnePlus did not evaluate Zach's video, but only emphasized to fans and ordinary buyers that everything is under control and their daily life with 10T and others will not be disturbed in any way. Be that as it may, it was interesting for us to see the engineering vulnerability of two key OnePlus devices for 2022, but we will not forget that smartphones must be handled as carefully as possible, right?

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