OnePlus to unveil smartphone with innovative future technology at MWC 2023

We conclude the topic of yesterday's Cloud presentation, which was held by OnePlus, with a teaser hinting at participation

manufacturer at MWC 2023. The exhibition will be held in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2.

What is known

At MWC 2023, a smartphone will be announced undercalled OnePlus 11 Concept. The company claims that this is a special gadget that uses innovative technology of the future. We'll find out what that means in a few weeks.

Note that OnePlus already hasunusual smartphone that is not for sale. It's called Concept One. The model debuted in January 2020 and is a modified version of the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition.

The key feature of the concept was the technologyElectrochromic Glass, which allows the main camera to disappear. This is done by applying a current charge that darkens the protective glass of the camera. Also, the smartphone is distinguished by a leather covering on the back and a gold-plated frame.