OnePlus will no longer produce smartphones with a screen refresh rate of less than 90 Hz

Yesterday, during the presentation of the OnePlus 7T smartphone, one of the company’s founders, Carl Pei, made a loud


What told

The co-founder of OnePlus said that now everythingmanufacturer’s smartphones will come with Fluid Display screen technology. A feature of such a panel is a 90 Hz picture refresh rate. In addition, it also boasts an increased response speed of 38% (compared to other Android smartphones). This was achieved thanks to software optimization in conjunction with special equipment developed jointly with Qualcomm engineers.

Naturally, such a statement does not mean thatThe next OnePlus smartphones will only come with 90Hz screens. Most likely, in the future we will also see panels with a frequency of 120 Hz or even 240 Hz, like the recently introduced Sharp Aquos Zero 2.

Source: YouTube