OneSpace, a privately held Chinese company, launched an unsuccessful first launch of OS-M rocket. She did not have enough power to bring the load into orbit!

OneSpace's OS-M rocket was scheduled to take off from a pad at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert. However, in

During launch, OS-M encountered problems with the second stage and was unable to enter orbit. The launch video was published on the OneSpace website.

As a payload, OneSpace should havedeliver the Lingque 1B ZeroG Lab company, which builds a network for observation, into orbit. The Magpie grouping into which the satellite should have entered will consist of 132 cubic meters 6U with an optical resolution of less than 4 m.

In the event that the launch was successful, OneSpace would be the first privately owned Chinese company that launched the satellite into orbit.

OneSpace is also working on a larger model.OS-M1 missiles, which can lift cargo weighing 205 kg to an altitude of 300 km and cargo weighing 73 kg per 800 km. The company has already completed testing the apparatus in a wind tunnel and plans to make a test launch before the end of the year. It is assumed that OS-M1, like Falcon 9 from SpaceX, can be reused.

China in 2018 became the leader of the space sector, having made 36 successful orbital launches. In second place is the United States - 30 starts, while Russia - only 15.