Operator lifecell launches cashback for mobile Internet in roaming

Today lifecell's Ukrainian digital operator announced today the service “Roaming Online PLUS” and the action “Roaming


What is known

New service “Roaming Online PLUS”, in fact,is an addition to the already existing Roaming Online. It allows subscribers to receive twice the mobile internet (up to 4 GB), and is also available in 43 countries, including Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Austria, etc.

In addition to this, the company said thatUntil the end of summer, users of both services will be able to save money by returning a part of the money spent by cashback to the bonus account (1 bonus = 1 UAH). For example, if you buy 2 GB of internet for 350 UAH in the service “Roaming Online PLUS”, a cashback in the amount of 100 bonuses will be returned, and if you buy 4 GB for 600 UAH you will get 150 bonuses. You can connect it in Ukraine or being abroad.

Roaming Online
Roaming Online PLUS

78 countries
43 countries

500 MB - 175 UAH
1 GB - 185 UAH

1 GB - 320 UAH - 100 cashback bonuses
2 GB - 350 UAH - 100 cashback bonuses

2 GB - 600 UAH - 150 cashback bonuses
4 GB - 600 UAH - 150 cashback bonuses