OPPO Enco Free: New Wireless Headphones

Earlier this month, OPPO officially announced that genuine OPPO Enco Free wireless headphones will be

Released on December 26 - a few days later. Recently, the Network also published information that the new accessory will be presented in three colors: pink, black and white. What can I say, users love when there is a choice. There is also information about the design of the headphones and some other features.

OPPO Wireless Headphones

New Wireless Headphones Reportedlyreceive the design of "half in the ear." Plus, the manufacturer has provided the ability to transform them. In terms of features, the Oppo Enco Free wireless headphone AI algorithm can automatically detect and separate noise and human voice. One of the most interesting features of these headphones is their hybrid noise reduction (that is, they will use both active and passive). This will allow them to compete with many alternatives in the market.

Like many of the best models on the market, this headphonewill provide really high quality sound. There are four microphones that will determine the actual sound environment. And thus, they will be able to manage this option automatically.

It was also confirmed that the headphones will becompatible with true wireless. Thus, the loss of quality during wireless communication will be significantly reduced (therefore, it is more than possible to offer Hi-Fi sound). In addition, everything indicates that the company's new product will use technology to amplify low frequencies. And, in addition, users will have the opportunity to control sound in three dimensions so that it can adapt to all types of playback. Be it movies or music.