Oppo Enco Free Wireless Headphones

Oppo Enco Free became the full response of the Chinese corporation to the headset number 1 in the world from Apple. This model

indeed, it can be considered a competitor to Airpodsand there are a number of good reasons! Starting from the simultaneous supply of sound to both headphones, ending with hybrid nozzles that allow you to use the headphones in the “plugs” format as well as in-ear earphones. We will deal with all the features and characteristics of Oppo Enco Free in our today's review.

Oppo Enco Free Review


Apple created the perfect wireless formatheadphones, it's hard to argue with that. That is why many models of large manufacturers of equipment are very similar to them. No exception and Oppo Enco Free. What a case, that the headphones themselves are very similar in shape to the “apple” ones, I think it’s for the better! A distinctive feature is a silver stripe on the case with the Oppo logo.

Special features

Many will be wondering why these headphones are worth considering as an analogue of Airpods and think about buying. We turn to the official page of the model.

  • synchronous audio transmission in both headphones. This is really the right thing. Many TWS headphones suffer from being paired. In this case, one earphone is the lead, and the second receives a signal from it. With synchronous transmission, the signal from the case enters both headphones simultaneously, which is called without intermediaries.
  • highly sensitive speakers allow you to achieve great sound. In the description there are many different technical terms - something there about a composite diaphragm from a titanium dome, a unique sound positioning system and so on. In fact, the sound is guaranteed at the level of Airpods, but thanks to additional ear pads, the sound will become more saturated and bass.
  • hybrid ear pads. Here the engineers / marketers are generally well done. They killed two birds with one stone at once! The Oppo Enco Free wireless headphones can be either “in-ear” or “earplugs" - just select compact or enlarged ear pads. Only 3 sizes.
  • swipe management. In addition to the fact that the sensor can control music and calls, engineers were also able to implement volume control! Ingenious! In Cupertino, they still have not endowed this function with their brainchild! On Oppo Enco Free, to make it louder, swipe up on the earphone and lower it down.
  • noise reduction mode during calls.
  • autonomy. The manufacturer claims up to 25 hours of music on a single charge (5 hours of headphones and 20 hours of case) or 15 hours of talk (3 + 12).


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Sensitivity 120 dB @ 1 kHz @ 1mV
  • Battery capacity: 31 mAh headphones and 410 mAh case, charging time 110 min
  • IPX4 Water Protection
  • USB Type-C
  • Model ETI02 / ETI03

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