OPPO Find N2 and N2 Flip show off in studio photos

Yesterday, the premiere of OPPO Find N2 took place, the second generation of the brand's horizontal clamshell designed to

build on the success of the original Find N.Deciding to keep up with Samsung and Huawei, at the same time OPPO rolled out the first vertical clamshell - Find N2 Flip, which from the start looks stronger than all existing competitors. Chinese bloggers who have already received devices for preparing reviews are offering to admire the new products live. Attention is drawn to the thinnest frames of the Find N2 external screen, as well as the ability of both models to fix the hinge in a half-closed position. Also noteworthy is the spacious external 3.26″ screen of the Find N2 Flip, which looks especially advantageous on the black model.

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