OPPO: “If the US imposes sanctions against us, we don’t have plan B”

In the framework of the European presentation of OPPO Reno2, the company management conducted several group interviews with

reporters. The gg editor went to a couple and tells the most interesting about the development plans of the company.

Interviews with tops of large international companies- even personal, at least group - it only sounds verbally attractive. In fact, they are connected by such a number of NDAs that even Sherlock Holmes is unlikely to be able to get something exclusive, loud and frank from the interlocutor (rare exceptions, of course, are, for example, here, here, here and here). Nevertheless, such events allow one to approximately understand in which direction the company is moving and what its vision of market needs is. For example, several years ago in an interview with a top manager of Meizu, it became clear that the company either did not have a clear development strategy on the market, or positioned itself and its products. After some time, this affected the success of the business.

But back to OPPO. In this case, the company's focus was on the technical component. OPPO broadcasts to the world that design, camera and image-building are extremely important for the audience and are ready to talk endlessly about lenses and what improvements users still need. For OPPO, as for a Chinese company, it is important to show partnership with American and European business and demonstrate their technological effectiveness. The market, its place in it and development plans? This is said evasively. As much as possible, even water cannot be poured into the text.

Below are the most interesting abstracts from the interview.

About Plan B

OPPO - one of the largest manufacturerssmartphones in the world are in the top 5. Huawei, as a giant in several areas, has already got US sanctions. Therefore, journalists are worried about whether OPPO has a plan B in case they also fall out of favor with America.

Special project

A laptop from the future: review of the ASUS ZenBook Duo Pro with two touch screens

OPPO to all questions (and there were several) aboutwhat will they do if the sanctions in the company assure that there is no plan B. OPPO develops and deepens cooperation with Google and the Android team in particular. They don’t want to talk about the collaboration itself, but clarify that this is due to optimization and deeper integration with ColorOS. The plans include the development of its ColorOS interface, which is tightly tied to Android, but its own OS is not, we did not think about this and did not work.

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Smartphone shipments in the second quarter of 2019, IDC

About 5g

5G - like a gopher. It seems to be developing, but in life the effect is not yet noticeable.

OPPO tops also touched on 5G in the presentation,reminded that they have patents in this area, "partner" with operators and in the forefront introduced a 5G-smartphone in Europe. Obviously, the company has big plans for Reno2, so journalists are wondering why the new product does not have fashionable technology. OPPO cite studies that 5G will become mass only by 2023. It turns out that so far the company does not see the need to include this technology in new models right and left. Europe is already working on the introduction of 5G, the smartphone's life cycle is growing and is approaching three years, especially in developed markets. In the company, which ranks fourth in the global market, not stupid people are clearly sitting. Therefore, such a position with respect to the new communication standard indicates more likely a belief in the demand for technology here and now, rather than marketing blunders.

About Wireless Charging and NFC

OPPO smartphones still no wirelesscharging. Even in the flagship Find X. The company answers this question by adding what they consider to be the right users. For example, OPPO recently showed a prototype smartphone with a sub-screen camera. The necessary thing, apparently, are confident in OPPO. Wireless charging, however, will appear. But it is still unknown in which models.

For the European market, NFC support is important. OPPO promises that it will be in the lineup for our region.

About Android 10

OPPO Reno2 will receive it in the first quarter of next year.

OPPO Reno2 will receive Android 10 in early 2020

What you can expect besides smartphones

OPPO has experience in music devices. The company also opened an IoT division, it will deal with IoT gadgets that can complement a smartphone (apparently, we are talking about all kinds of smart watches, headsets, etc.). In this direction, the company plans to develop, especially since on the nose 5G is the standard for the Internet of things. Obviously, laptops and televisions in the performance of OPPO can not wait.

About Sports Support

OPPO supports European sports teams. The company signed a partnership agreement with the French Tennis Federation and became the premium partner of the Roland-Garros and Rolex Paris Masters tennis championships until 2021, and also extended its cooperation with FC Barcelona. Experts regard this partnership as ambiguous; there is an opinion that this is inept marketing and burning money. But OPPO explains the partnership by saying that such a move will allow the company to express itself most quickly in the European market - with higher standards and demanding users.

“We need to quickly increase brand awareness andtalk about our reputation. And we need to find common ground. On the one hand - the international level, premium, on the other - the local spirit, the pursuit of excellence. We are not only about design and performance, but also about the pursuit of excellence. France shows the highest level in tennis, the Spanish “Barcelona” - in football. Another reason is that we want to find the right channel for communication with our audience. All these partnerships - they are with teams that have a large loyal audience, ”explain their strategy in the company.

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