Oppo officially unveiled the invisible camera.

Recently, OPPO published a teaser that showed the front camera, which was

hidden under the screen.This topic has aroused keen interest among specialists and consumers. Everyone was very interested in who would be the first to release such a camera, because the idea was in the air, all manufacturers were thinking about it, but so far the technological level was not enough to bring the idea of ​​​​an invisible (under-screen) camera to life. And the idea is really worth taking seriously, because it is a real breakthrough, a camera without cutouts, without bangs and mechanical sliding modules.

USC technology

And so, at the Shanghai MWC, a Chinese companyofficially introduced innovative technology. Yes, the on-screen camera looks like a very attractive feature, the technology is clear, but there are still a lot of questions about it. The Chinese called the technology USC (a subscreen camera), they said that the camera module is customizable, the sensor and optics capture more light flux, and the AI ​​algorithms help them with this. Also, artificial intelligence is used to improve the quality of images and overall camera performance.

If you go into some technical details, thenThis technology uses ultra-transparent materials integrated into the display. They provide the optimal balance between the usual working screen and the ability to conduct enough light through all these pixels of the working display. Representatives of the company noted that the integrated camera received a large sensor, as well as an aperture, and the pixel size was also increased. However, with what sensors everything was compared, they were not voiced in the company. In addition, the company told about the special control of the display zoning, this is when the control finds the pixels that fall into the zone of the camera. All these technologies together provide a sufficiently free corridor for the passage of the light flux under the display, so that the camera sensor can work in normal conditions and typical scenarios. This includes scenarios not only for selfies, but also for Face-Unlock functions, that is, face recognition, and video calls.

Quality of shooting

The manufacturer claims that the quality of shootingThe invisible camera is almost as good as the usual front cameras of average smartphones. The statement sounded like some kind of opportunity to justify it later, if there are complaints about the quality of the shooting. Like, we said that it is almost the same, and the technology will continue to evolve. However, the company also did not tell how ready the technology is for mass production, and after what time the consumer market will see smartphones with similar cameras.

In any case, this presentation isproof that the development of the industry is in full swing, and sooner or later, all innovative discoveries and solutions will move to our phones. Moreover, the OPPO has not yet been noticed in that by presenting a new solution, then it will not be fulfilled to the market.