OPPO patented a smartphone with a horizontally moving front camera

OPPO continues to experiment with front cameras in smartphones. In 2013, the manufacturer showed OPPO N1 c

rotary camera. In 2018, the Find X slider was released, and in 2019 - the Reno 10X with a "shark fin" design. And now the company is working on another version of the moving selfie camera.

What is known

LetsGoDigital found in the Chinese bureauintellectual property of the company's next patent. It was registered on January 27th. A 33-page description of the unit with a horizontally moving front camera.

The structure works thanks to a speciala motor that moves the module from one side to the other. According to OPPO, this allows for 3D imaging. Also, with the help of such a front camera, you can take panoramic selfies and pictures from different angles. In the description of the patent, it says that you can control the camera using the application.

Unfortunately, when such a smartphone will be released and whether such a smartphone will ever enter the market is unknown.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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