OPPO showed a phone with an unusual screen "Waterfall Screen"

Vice President of the Chinese company OPPO Brian Shen shared fresh photos online showing

some mysterious OPPO phone with a curvedscreen on both edges. The new smartphone has a very high screen-to-body ratio thanks to its high aspect ratio. Another interesting detail — this is where the left and right edges curve at an 88 degree angle. The new display design is called «Waterfall Screen» (Waterfall Screen).

New Oppo with waterfall screen

When Samsung first announced the firstsmartphone from its Edge lineup, many thought that the smartphone market would change a lot. Back then it was the only device with a curved screen. Later, many other manufacturers presented their phones with a similar solution. One of the most popular models was Xiaomi Mi Note 2. All this was done with the sole purpose — increase screen ratio.

In fact, all mobile phone manufacturersTechnicians are now concerned with maximizing the screen-to-body ratio. And everyone takes different approaches to increasing screen proportions; most manufacturers have completely forgotten about curved displays. This morning, OPPO Vice President Brian Shen announced the world's first waterfall screen. It has a high screen ratio and the screen curve reaches 88 degrees.

When viewed from the front, the new OPPO phone withWaterfall Screen has no side borders. It looks like it offers almost 100 percent screen space, as it is equipped with ultra-thin and symmetrical upper and lower frames. As we can see, the new screen has a greater lateral curvature and a thinner body. This means that the left and right borders of the screen almost reach the edges of the back panel. In other words, they are close to the limits.

Note that the curvature on the phone is more pronounced,than on flagship phones Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus 7 Pro. Also note that the mysterious new OPPO with Waterfall Screen does not have a front camera. But it can be equipped with a camera under the display, which was demonstrated at the World World Congress (MWC) 2019 in Shanghai in June. The camera technology under the display is designed to be built into the camera under the top of the display, which remains invisible when using the device and only appears when accessing the front camera.

Since the Chinese manufacturer has already started uploading images to the Network with the new OPPO phone with the Waterfall Screen, most likely, it can debut in a few months.