Oppo showed a smartphone without buttons and ports

Remember the Meizu Zero smartphone? It was introduced in early 2019, and its main feature was — absence

buttons and ports.Charging was carried out using an 18W wireless charger, which was included right in the box, and control was possible through virtual buttons on the side of the phone.

While Zero was a concept phone,Meizu tried to increase the production of this device at the Indiegogo site. The manufacturer tried to raise $ 100,000, charging $ 1,299 for each unit. But the campaign failed after raising $ 45,000, and the project was curtailed.

TechPadar recently announced that Oppointroduced a similar prototype phone. Like Meizu Zero, the Oppo phone does not have speakers, buttons, or ports. And in order to keep the frames around the perimeter thin, it was decided to integrate the selfie camera under the display. Thanks to this, the screen-to-body ratio remains as high as possible, similar to how Oppo used the previously pop-up Reno selfie camera to achieve the same goal. Also under the display is a speaker.

The Oppo prototype has a power button on the right, but forTo increase or decrease the volume, the user must swipe the finger on the touch area. Like Zero, the phone charges wirelessly, but is equipped with a 30-watt, rather than 18-watt wireless charger. The prototype uses an integrated SIM card (eSIM) that is attached to the phone’s motherboard. This is an alternative to the SIM card, which should be inserted into the SIM card tray.

Oppo has no plans to sell this phone, butplans to use some features in its new phones, which are scheduled for release in the next couple of years. By 2022, perhaps we will see the serial version of the Oppo phone on the market without buttons and ports. Oppo phones may also appear in the US soon.