OPPO succeeded: Reno 8 Pro + with symmetrical frames on live photos and videos

The OPPO Reno 8 family, which received an announcement date yesterday, continues to rapidly acquire details. Per night from

Chinese sources received a lot of livepictures of new products, among which special attention should be paid to the older model Reno 8 Pro +. Judging by the photos, OPPO still managed to achieve symmetry in the upper and lower frames, which, together with flat glass and chopped edges, makes the device quite spectacular.

Attracts attention and a huge block of basiccameras, the lenses of which are further emphasized by black edging and, according to Chinese users, resemble a hybrid of the design approach of Samsung and OnePlus. We will be able to get to know the Reno 8 Pro + and its younger brothers in more detail next Monday, May 23rd.

    © Vladimir Kovalev.

    Sourced from weibo.com