Optimization of Android applications when enabled how to remove

If every time you turn on your smartphone you receive a message about optimizing Android applications, we

Let's talk about one way to remove it.

Usually, the optimization of Android applications when turned on occurs once after reinstalling the firmware, resetting it to the factory settings, or the very first turning on of the mobile device.

However, some users complainthat on their smartphone, optimization of Android applications occurs every time the smartphone is restarted. This is quite a serious problem, since the optimization of Android applications can take from 30 minutes or more, depending on the number of installed applications.

If you encounter a similar problem on your smartphone, we will tell you how you can try to remove the optimization of Android applications when turned on.

How to remove the optimization of Android applications

The problem of optimizing Android applications canbe associated with temporary files. Clearing the cache memory allows you to delete temporary files, thereby solving the problem. It is worth noting that after clearing the cache, personal files and settings will remain intact.

Cleaning the cache memory occurs through the recovery mode. Look on the Internet for how to switch to recovery mode on your smartphone model. We will give an example of clearing the cache on a Moto X smartphone.

  1. First you need to turn off the smartphone.
  2. Then press and hold the buttonVolume Downand a buttonInclusions.
  3. After a few seconds a menu will appear in which you need to selectRecovery.
  4. Next you will see the inscription "No team". Just press the power button.
  5. In the presented menu, select the option “Wipe cache partition".
  6. After you finish clearing the cache, you need to restart your smartphone. Select the option "Reboot system now".

The smartphone will automatically restart, after which you will be able to check whether the optimization of Android applications has disappeared or not.

If the problem is still present, try resetting to factory settings or hard reset. Repeat the previous instruction, only instead of “Wipe cache partition"Select the option"Wipe data/factory reset".

If the optimization of Android applications when switching on still happens, you need to contact the retailer or service center. Most likely, the problem is more serious than just a glitch.