OrCam MyMe: Artificial Intelligence Life Recorder

A young Israeli company OrCam Technologies specializing in the creation of innovative technologies in the field of

assistance to people with disabilities, inin particular, those with poor vision (any visual impairment), announced its new development. To do this, she created a company on a crowdfunding platform. New - a wearable device (video recorder and operator of everyday activities) with AI technologies. The name of the gadget is OrCam MyMe.

What a beast

It is a compact and lightweight device thatequipped with a high-quality camera with a 13 megapixel sensor (matrix more than that of mobile phones), which is able to quickly and accurately recognize faces, as well as text. And all this is not post-processing, but in real time. The owner of the gadget notifies through a special application on the smartphone, and there is also an application for smart watches. The purpose of the gadget is to control the circles of friends, setting up statistics data, optimizing time management. The device automatically scans and translates into the text all the important information, including business cards, saves contacts.

How does it work

OrCam MyMe will notify the user whenrecognizes a person that he has already met with him. All information on previous meetings immediately issued in a convenient form: where the meetings were, when, for what reason, and so on. In addition, the gadget estimates the time spent by the user on any things, what is spent on attention, for what purpose. After collecting data, the program gives a number of recommendations and goals that contribute to increasing attention. The purpose of the complex is to achieve balance in life, work, personal and so on.

The developer explains that the goal of the project isthe introduction of AI in the lives of people as companions. In this device, all the most technologically advanced are assembled - a mobile camera, powerful computer stuffing, deep machine learning, neural networks. As for privacy, the gadget automatically calculates the signature (total) for each friend, everything is saved, and not in the public cloud storage, but on the device.

Today we can meet hundreds of new people.every day, have thousands of acquaintances and friends online. Information is collected so much that the human brain is struggling to cope with this, and sometimes it’s not very easy to get to know the person with whom you spoke like last week. Here OrCam MyMe comes into play, which reminds everyone, gives recommendations.

To date, the device on pre-order costs only $ 200, after the start of release the cost will grow.

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