Oscar-worthy teaser: Electronic Arts prepares players for the announcement of the new Need For Speed

At the end of July, an Austrian game store accidentally published pages for Need For Speed ​​Heat for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

According to rumors, Electronic Arts planned to present the game at Gamescom 2019, but apparently did not wait.

Teaser worthy of an Oscar

EA decided to build up the suspense and launched a teaser sitewith a countdown to the announcement of the new Need For Speed. If you believe the game page, then there are 2 days left before the official reveal of the game (at the time of writing the news). So on August 14, fans of the series will get an “unexpected twist” in the form of the demonstration of the first trailer.

It is not yet known what exactly gamers can expect,but rumors about the game have been circulating for a long time. Judging by unconfirmed information, tuning will be returned to the series, and the main theme will be the confrontation between police officers and racers. The developers will be Ghost Games, which restarted the series in 2015 with Need for Speed ​​(2015), and released Need for Speed: Payback in 2017.

There is also no exact release date, but conditional NeedFor Speed ​​Heat could be released as early as late 2019 or early 2020. According to EA's financial report, the company plans to release Plants vs. in fiscal 2020. Zombies, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and a new game from the Need for Speed ​​series.