Over 13,000 sites blocked because of one movie

A court in India has issued the most aggressive site blocking ruling in the history of privacy law.

copyright.Ahead of the theatrical release of Vikram Vedha, a judge has issued an injunction ordering 40 ISPs to actively and immediately block an unprecedented 13,445 websites. Discuss

Having received a certificate for his new film "VikramVedha, Reliance Entertainment filed for an injunction the very next day. The aim was to protect the film from piracy on the Internet. and the film is expected to be shown in 3,000 theaters worldwide.

Due to the urgency of the case, the defendants in the case - inincluding 40 ISPs – were not notified of the lawsuit. However, the injunction was issued in two separate rulings that collectively prohibit anyone from copying, recording, filming, making available, uploading, downloading, displaying or playing the film without a license.

As a result, the judge issued a temporary injunction and ordered all ISPs to immediately and actively block a total of 13,445 sites.

Well, here's the trailer for the movie, in case you're so curious about the hype.