Overheard: Riot Games Will Record Voice Chat In Valorant To Combat Toxic Behavior

Riot Games announced that the company will now use new tools to reduce

toxicity. The first game to record in-game voice chat will be the tactical shooter Valorant.

What is known

All conversations will be recorded, butwill listen to them only if a complaint has been made against the player. Then Riot Games will check if the person really broke the rules. If so, they will "take action", and if not, then the audio recording will simply be deleted. The company also said that the new voice moderation tools do not involve active listening to live in-game chat.

“We know that many are worried about the possibility of collectingvoice data, but believe me - we would not introduce such a system if we ourselves were not ready to entrust it with our data. If you absolutely do not want your voice to be recorded, just turn off the voice chat in the game settings. "

Before starting the update all overthe world, it will first be tested in North America. In the future, the developers want to add it to the rest of their games. Those concerned about their privacy can always opt for a third-party voice chat app.

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