Overview of the DVR Navitel XR2600 PRO - "three in one"

Consumers are now very interested in devices that combine the functions of several gadgets at once.

After all, this eliminates the need to load yourspace for a large number of devices. The modern motorist will definitely like the "cool implementation" from Navitel of the XR2600 PRO DVR, which performs the functionality of three devices at once - the DVR itself, the signature radar detector and the GPS informer.

Review Navitel XR2600 PRO

I think many motorists would like tohave at your disposal this particular model of the DVR - Navitel XR2600 PRO. But not everyone can afford it, because you can’t call it budget. So, today on the review is one of the coolest versions of the recording device on the road, I propose to dwell in detail on the description of the functionality.


Let's open the box and see what's in there.inside… The manufacturer put the DVR itself, all the necessary cables (12 V car charger with pass-through power and micro-USB to USB cable), 2 fuses, magnetic mount, card reader, polarizing filter, napkin, user manual, gift voucher and warranty card . The set is quite rich, everything is aesthetically packed. Not every premium brand has this approach…

I must say right away that during the installation of a hybridDVR, I drew attention to the magnetic mount - it holds the device very securely, to unfasten it - you even need to make a little effort. This suggests that the manufacturer makes reliable devices. And I like it. The DVR holder itself is attached to the glass using double-sided tape. It is in it that the GPS module is hidden. Therefore, the power cable is not inserted into the DVR itself, but into the bracket.

I also immediately noted that the power cable in the kit has the ability to connect additional devices. This is also a plus.

In general, I must say that the devices from Navitel have become a level higher in quality and implementation. Plus very pleased polarizing filter - It reduces glare and reflections and provides the best picture quality in bright light.


Let's take a closer look at the externalperformance of the video recorder. It has a small compact size - does not interfere with the review at all and does not distract. From the front you can see the speaker, radar and lens. The lens received a viewing angle 150 degrees - it’s comfortable to watch later, everything is clear what is happening not only on the road, but also on the sidewalk (roadside). All the necessary buttons are located on the top and on the side faces.


The DVR works in a constant cyclerecords. The settings section will help you activate the necessary options and customize the device for yourself. Not only the settings of the DVR itself, but also the radar detector were hidden here.

I liked that it's not necessaryconnect the DVR to a computer to configure some settings or update the software. You can download a special application in the mobile market, then synchronize the DVR with your phone via Wi-Fi. For example, through the phone you can watch video online.

Needless to say, excellent recording qualityvideo? I think, given the premium segment of this device, it is clear that the resolution in which he writes the “picture” is high. By the way, shooting in sunny daylight will also impress you. You can view examples of videos shot on the Navitel XR2600 PRO recorder on the cloud.

Radar detector and GPS informer

So, the presence of these two "features" will provide you withon the road, timely notification of the approach to cameras that read your speed. The database always contains only up-to-date information about the GPS coordinates of stationary cameras and other restrictions. Plus, if there are traffic police posts on the way. It is very convenient that the necessary information immediately appears on the screen of the DVR - how much distance is left to the radar ahead. By the way, in the settings you will notice that the radar detector can work in several modes at once - Highway, City 1, City 2, Signature.

All other specifications can be found in the table below.


Diagonal 3 inches

Screen type IPS

Resolution 360×640

Touch screen - no


Camera sensor SONY 307 (STARVIS)

Video resolution 1920x1080 Full HD (30 fps)

Viewing angle 150°

Lens material - glass

MOV video recording format

JPG photo format

Video duration 1/3/5 min

Cyclic recording is

There is overwrite protection

Possibility to connect a rear camera

radar detector

signature radar detector

Types of detected radars
K-band: Chris, Spark, Binar, Cordon, Gyrfalcon, Robot, Radis, Vizir, Arena, Skat, Oscon, Integra-KDD, Signal K, Vocord
Ka-band: Poliscan, Laser, Lisd, Amata, Arrow
X-band: Falcon

Frequencies in the Laser 800 - 1100 nm range

Frequencies in the K band 24.150 GHz ± 175 MHz

Frequencies in the Ka band 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz

Frequencies in the X band 10.525 GHz ± 100 MHz



GPS Alerts

Digital speedometer

Shock sensor (G-sensor)

Motion Detector

Audio recording

Wi-Fi support

GPS antenna

Other features

Processor MSTAR MSC8339

micro-USB connectors

Support for microSD cards up to 64 GB

Mounting 3M tape

Speaker yes

There is a microphone

Power (12-24V 1.5A) 12V 2A

Supercapacitor 5 F

Should I buy a Navitel XR2600 PRO DVR?

I can definitely and confidently say yes!This is a device that will really help you on the road! A fairly reliable device that can get rid of potential problems on the road in advance. This is the flagship version, in the process of testing which I have not yet found any shortcomings or any shortcomings. But if such are found, I will definitely supplement this article.