Overview of the Ecovacs Deebot Slim 2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: The Deebot Will Come - Tidy Up!

Robotic vacuum cleaners have ceased to be a curiosity, Chinese industry produces them in huge

quantities, models alone, probably alreadynot less than a hundred. They attract with their "independence", promising to save us from boring cleaning and save our time for more interesting things. And finally, I satisfied my curiosity by letting the first robot harvester into my house. It turned out to be Deebot Slim2 manufactured by Ecovacs Robotics, which produces several different series of such devices (by the way, all these robotic vacuum cleaners in our country can be ordered on the official website of deebot.ua). And now I can answer the main question - is such a gadget capable of replacing a person with an ordinary, manual vacuum cleaner.

What is included?

In addition to the vacuum cleaner itself, the box containscharging station, 2 sets of brushes, a spare filter for a garbage container, a cleaning cloth with a mount on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner (microfiber, 2 pcs.) and a remote control with two AAA batteries.

What does the Deebot Slim2 look like?

The robot turned out to be very pretty, the top trimThe two-tone plastic panel with sequins looks spectacular. The materials are pleasant, the execution is neat. The only button on the top panel is responsible for the beginning and completion of cleaning, it is also an indicator of operation and battery charge. Next to it, a bright blue LED flashes, an icon next to which hints at the possibility of a wireless connection.

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In the center of the housing under the lid is a small dust container equipped with a replaceable dust filter

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Front of the body (in the direction of travel)It is a spring-loaded bumper with a protruding rubber strip along the lower edge, in which infrared proximity sensors are built-in. They are not visible to the naked eye behind a dark glossy plastic, but they managed to be seen in the photograph of a working vacuum cleaner:

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Also, for safety reasons, four mechanical limit switches are built into the bumper - in the event of a collision with an obstacle, one of them trips.

The bottom side of the case is simply crammed with differentdetails and mechanisms. First of all, it’s the “chassis.” The robot is set in motion by a pair of rather large rubberized wheels located closer to the rear of the case, and in front it is supported by a small swivel wheel. Secondly, these are the structural elements responsible for the actual cleaning - a narrow nozzle of a vacuum cleaner and two removable rotating brushes. On the front and on the sides of the bottom there are three sensors that stop the vacuum cleaner if it accidentally drove in, for example, on a ladder and hung from a step. Two metal plates at the front of the bottom are contacts for the charging station. A cleaning cloth holder is inserted into two slots (near the switch and symmetrical to it on the other side). And finally, under the cover on two screws hides a power source.

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How does it work and what can?

To get started, you need to attach the brushes andturn on the vacuum cleaner with a switch on the bottom panel. If a removable module with microfiber is used, then it must be installed after turning on the vacuum cleaner, since it closes the switch. The fabric can be used both dry and wet. Then we put the robot on the floor and press the only button on it. It includes an automatic cleaning mode with a bypass of the territory along a random route. If you press it twice, then the vacuum cleaner will start working in the same way, but in the future it will turn on every day at the same time and vacuum until the battery is exhausted. That, in fact, is all that Deebot can do without a remote control.

Two more modes can be set from the remote - Spot(intensive spot cleaning with movement along a slowly expanding spiral) and Edge (cleaning around the perimeter of the room). In all modes, when faced with an obstacle, the robot bypasses it and continues to move in the selected program.

An example of cleaning in Edge mode:

You can control the movement of the vacuum cleaner and manually - onThe remote control has buttons for moving forward, turning left and right and turning through 180 °. The vacuum cleaner turns very briskly, you can’t immediately catch the right direction, you will have to work out. Forced movement forward has its own characteristics. Firstly, the vacuum cleaner itself is turned on at full power - in other modes it works at half power, saving battery power. Apparently, this was invented for a more thorough cleaning of complex areas. Secondly, having run into an obstacle, Deebot just stops, not trying to go around it. Manual control means manual, no amateur action. If the robot executed one of the programs, and you decided to manually correct its course, it will stop, turn and freeze, switching to manual mode and waiting for further commands.

The robot maneuverability is excellent, it canturn around just in place, turning the wheels in different directions. The small height (which the model name hints at - Slim 2) allows him to drop under a bed, sofa or other furniture that has at least 6 centimeters clearance from the bottom surface to the floor. If it gets stuck, it tries to get out by turning on the reverse gear, and in case of failure, it beeps. Sometimes, if the contact of the wheels with the floor is weak (for example, if something fell under the bottom), the vacuum cleaner can slip for a long time in place, not realizing that it is stuck.

The wheel suspension allows the robot to overcome uneven floors or low obstacles - for example, drive into a carpet or overcome a threshold up to 1 cm high (with a cleaning cloth up to 8 mm).

When lifting the vacuum cleaner from the floor (if you want totransfer it, remove the curled hair or threads from the brushes, or see if the nozzle is clogged) it automatically turns off, or rather, pauses. When you put him on the floor, he will continue to work.

If you want the robot to clean the entire apartment -between the rooms there should be no thresholds and, of course, closed doors. If, on the contrary, you need to clean only in one room, it is better to close the door or build some kind of low barrier, through which you can step over, and the vacuum cleaner will not pass.

When the battery runs out, you cansend the vacuum cleaner to charge by pressing the button with the house on the remote control. For this, it is necessary that the charging station be included in the power grid and there should be at least one and a half meters of free space around it for an “approach”.

When the charge runs out, Deebot starts blinking red, and when the charge drops to critical, it starts to recharge.

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Here's what the parking process looks like:

Sometimes the vacuum cleaner does not immediately find charging, maybewhirl around the room a bit. Do not direct it manually or move it closer to the station - it will orient itself. If the robot and charging are in different rooms, the search may be delayed. Not finding the docking station in direct line of sight, the robot begins to go around the apartment around the perimeter clockwise, often straying from the path, and eventually sooner or later gets to the desired room, unless the charge runs out sooner. To simplify the parking of the robot, it is advisable to place the station so that it can be seen from all rooms, but it is important that there is at least one and a half meters of free space around it (front and side), and a support (wall or furniture) is desirable at the back.

Why does he need Wi-Fi?

In addition to the remote control, the robot can be controlled viaEcovacs Home mobile app. By registering an account on the company's server, you can establish contact with the vacuum cleaner through your home wireless network.

The application not only duplicates the functions of the remote, butbrings a few extra features. On the main screen, in addition to the control buttons, the status (current operating mode) and battery level are displayed. In the application menu you can find the cleaning log (but only those that were launched via the smartphone), see the rest of the consumables resource (filter and brushes), and also more flexibly configure the cleaning schedule. It can be scheduled daily or on selected days of the week - for example, every other day, or on weekdays at one time, and on weekends at another. The function Do Not Disrurb mode allows you to set the time when the vacuum cleaner should not disturb the owners. When this time comes, the vacuum cleaner, if it is working, will interrupt the cleaning and will start charging (of course, the charging station should be turned on), and at the end of the period it will continue to work. Any schedules during this period of time are ignored.

Another plus of Wi-Fi control - it workseven when the robot is not in direct line of sight. Moreover - you can control the robot even while away from home, via the Internet! To do this, you need a wireless network to work at home, and Deebot is turned on (in standby mode). A good way to clean an apartment for your parish is if you suddenly invited friends after work or are returning from a trip.

Does it clean well?

Seeing these rotating brushes, I realized thatmiracles of accuracy from a vacuum cleaner can not be expected. On a smooth floor, they do not collect all the garbage that they reach - part of it scatters to the sides. But over several passes through the same place, Deebot gradually collects everything that he missed. If you install a cleaning cloth, even in a dry state, the cleaning quality increases dramatically - microfiber collects well the missed dust. True, then she herself will have to be cleaned. The fabric can be wet, then wet cleaning will turn out, but it is better to do this after one or two dry runs. The perimeter is bypassed counterclockwise, and only mechanical sensors work in this mode, since the vacuum cleaner should come as close to the wall as possible. At the same time, he does not move in a straight line along the wall or cabinet, but taxes to the right all the time, checking whether the obstacle is over, after a collision he turns to the left - and again to the right, and so on. Moving along such a wavy path, the vacuum cleaner passes part of the garbage near the wall. So in this mode, you need to give him time to travel longer to work out the route 2-3 times. In the mode of movement along the perimeter with a certain location of obstacles, it may happen that the vacuum cleaner, circling them, begins to move in a circle and cannot continue to walk around the room without the intervention of the owners. The easiest way in this case is to remove it from an endless cycle by manual control from the remote control.

Deebot easily finds under beds and sofaslost Lego parts and other small things. Those that cannot be pulled into itself, it is pulled out to a prominent place, however, it can then be pushed back if it is not raised immediately.

A dog lives in our house, and a considerable part of the garbage inthe apartment is her coat. Deebot copes well with wool, but if somewhere it has strayed into a large lump, then the brushes may not pull it to the nozzle. Large things (pieces of paper, Lego parts, etc.) can get stuck at the entrance to the container and deteriorate, or even completely block the suction, then the vacuum cleaner will collect garbage from the nozzle and carry it around the room, losing when cornering, and when lifting the vacuum cleaner, all this will remain on the floor. There are a few more things that I didn't like, and this seems to be common to all devices of this type. In a classic vacuum cleaner, the hose enters the dust collector from above, and the debris caught in it is guaranteed to remain inside. With a robotic vacuum cleaner, the nozzle looks down. And when you remove the container, part of the garbage spills out. The brush of a classic vacuum cleaner can be cleaned using the vacuum cleaner itself, removing it from the pipe, and the robotic vacuum cleaner's brushes will have to be cleaned by hand and untangled curled hair, threads, elastic bands for hair, etc., which is not very pleasant.

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Again, a classic vacuum cleaner while cleaningmost often stands still, occasionally moving to a new location, and does not call in places of dust and debris. And the robot cleaner goes right where it cleans, so not only the brushes, but also the wheels of its pets are wound quickly and its hair, and human hair, which are always present in the living room. If you do not clean all this, then somewhere after a couple of dozens of cleanings, the wheels may stop spinning normally, or even completely lock up. That is, an ordinary vacuum cleaner protects the owner (and himself) as much as possible from contact with the collected dust (except for the procedure for emptying the filled dust collector, if it is not disposable), you will have to get your hands dirty more often, giving this part of the time saved on cleaning.

On carpeting, especially with long nap,there is little use for a vacuum cleaner. He collects part of the dust, and some result is visible in the container, but brushes rotating parallel to the floor without a strong pressure on it, and low suction power are practically powerless against the same wool and small debris caught in the fibers of the carpet. An ordinary vacuum cleaner copes with this so-so, only a powerful electric turbo brush really helps.

How long does the battery and container capacity last?

In fully autonomous mode (without manualcontrol and a connected smartphone) with a fully charged battery Deebot worked until a red flashing light for about an hour and a half, and another 15-20 minutes before being charged. This is the resource of a battery assembled from three INR19 / 66 batteries. It charges for a rather long time - 3-4 hours.

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On one full charge, the vacuum cleaner is able to clean2-room apartment with a total area of ​​about 50 square meters. m to the state of "clean, if you do not look in the corners." It is advisable to clean the area as much as possible before it starts - fold the sofa, remove the chairs, shoes and other items standing on the floor so that the robot harvester does not spend time and energy going around them and so that there are fewer places where he cannot reach.

Experience has shown that you can not worry about the small size of the container - it is quite enough for one cleaning, if the apartment is not completely running. Controlling its filling is very easy visually.

In the dry residue

In general, the conclusion is completely independent andjust as thoroughly as with manual cleaning, Deebot will not be able to clean, except in ideal conditions. In the real room, he will not get to some places, may get stuck or loop, may stop sucking up trash due to a piece of paper stuck in the nozzle. That is, it is highly likely that he will not be able to finish the cleaning normally, and you will either have to intervene in the process if you are nearby, or start it again if the cleaning was carried out automatically in your absence. For a more or less thorough cleaning of a small apartment, the robot needs about an hour, while it will get confused under your feet. During this time, it is quite possible to better remove manually, if you have at that time and desire.

However, for all the shortcomings describedDeebot is interesting precisely for its autonomy. If your house has a smooth floor covering (parquet, laminate, linoleum), the rooms are not heavily littered with furniture and there are no traps where the vacuum cleaner can get stuck or go in cycles, then it is quite possible to go about your business while it is vacuuming, just listening or looking sometimes how is he there. By launching it every day, you can maintain cleanliness in the house between more serious cleanings once a week. Actually, the manufacturing company is positioning Slim2 as a robot for daily cleaning. In addition, this is an interesting toy for children - with a robot vacuum cleaner, cleaning in the nursery turns from a tedious routine into a game. Mine were delighted with the new gadget - my son likes to control the robot from a smartphone (he found the application, installed it and figured out all the functions), and my daughter rolls her dolls on it.

Slim2 is safe for animals - the nozzle is located almost in the center of the bottom, and the side brushes cannot do any harm.

Costs Deebot Slim2 as an inexpensive smartphone - onthe moment of completion of the article it could be purchased at the outlet at a promotional price of 4999 UAH. I definitely will not risk recommending it for purchase, but I tried to cite all the pros and cons that could only be identified in a short test time. The choice is yours.

3 reasons to buy Deebot Slim2:

  • you like the idea of ​​maintaining cleanliness in the apartment without interruption from your affairs;
  • You can start cleaning, even when away from home;
  • the robotic vacuum cleaner will help to train children in order in a playful way.

2 reasons not to buy Deebot Slim2:

  • you have a lot of carpets in your apartment, there is not enough free space, there are high thresholds and other obstacles for the free movement of the vacuum cleaner;
  • You have an apartment of a large area, which will not be enough for one charge.

Main technical characteristics of the robot vacuum cleaner Ecovacs Deebot Slim2

Type of
robot cleaner

removable lithium-ion battery, 10.8 V, 2600 mAh (3 x INR19 / 66)

220 V powered dock

Dust collector
rigid reusable, volume 320 ml


310x310x57 mm

Package size

447x367x140 mm

Power consumption

20 watts

Suction power
15 watts

Maximum runtime per charge
110 minutes

Wifi module
Single Band (2.4 GHz)

Ecovacs Deebot Slim 2

Easy-to-use robot vacuum cleaner, greatly simplifying house cleaning

Ecovacs Robotics Deebot Slim 2differs in the small height of the case, allowing it to pass under the home furniture, the ability to control from a smartphone and a frankly low price. What makes it an interesting option for buying your first robot vacuum cleaner.