Overview of the Prestigio PAP4500 DUO smartphone

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The hero of the review is the dual-core dual-SIM smartphone Prestigio PAP4500 DUO. Cypriot by passport, but originally from the Middle Kingdom.

The device is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Let's take a closer look at it.

Technical characteristics of Prestigio MultiPhone 4500 Duo

Prestigio MultiPhone 4500 Duo

operating system
Android 4.0.4

SIM card
Mini-SIM (2FF), two

135x69x10 mm

158 g

4.5&#8243;, IPS, 960&#215;540 pixels, 16 million colors, touch (capacitive matrix), protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass

MediaTek MT6577, two ARM Cortex-A9 cores, clock frequency 1 GHz; integrated video accelerator PowerVR SGX 531

1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal memory, microSD/HC/XC support up to 32 GB

8 MP, autofocus, flash, video recording 640x480 pixels; front - VGA

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0

1850 mAh

Characteristics of the smartphone will not impress the imaginationErudite frequenter sites okolotehnicheskoy subjects. Such a smartphone user is likely to cause a reaction "what's so interesting, typical middling." But everything is relative. Maybe for the end of 2012 - the beginning of 2013 this is a middling one, but - let's remember, - other flagships boasted with such characteristics in 2011.

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In addition to the smartphone and instructions in black and redThe cardboard box also contains: a leather case with an embossed Prestigio logo, a simple headset, a micro USB cable for data transfer and battery charging, and a charger. The usual gentleman's set.

Neighbors in the Prestigio PAP4500 DUO line

The hero of our review proudly looks over his shoulder“big brother” - the MultiPhone 5000 DUO smartphone (5&#8243; IPS display, 1 GHz dual-core processor, 512 MB RAM). Their rears are reliably covered by the MultiPhone 4300 DUO (4.3×8243; IPS display, 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM). By the way, the line of “multiphones” under the Prestigio brand today consists of 7 (firmly entrenched!) devices, including the tested smartphone.

Appearance Prestigio PAP4500 DUO

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The appearance of the smartphone does not make you "gasp". This is a familiar glossy black "bar" with a silver logo, reminiscent of the Ferrari logo. At the same time, the device even looks modest, but also impressive.

Anticipating skepticism about the assembly, I will answer: the device is assembled well. The lid of the phone creaks slightly with strong squeezing, but there is nothing critical about it.

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The front of the smartphone is fully protected“glass” Corning Gorilla Glass and predictably given at 4.5&#8243; display. There is a low edge along the edge of the screen, which creates additional protection. At the bottom there is a row of three touch keys with dim automatic backlighting (“Menu”, “Home”, “Back”). At the top there is a front camera, skillfully camouflaged proximity and light sensors, as well as a metal earpiece grille.

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The upper and lower parts of the apparatus are rounded, slightly arched.

The back is covered with a glossy cover withholes for camera eyes, flash, additional microphone and speakerphone. On the backdrop, except for the inscription "Prestigio" and the message about the eight-megapixel camera and the autofocus of the camera, the company logo was forced out (and not painted).

When closing, the lid tightly covers the body of the smartphone from the sides. It is mounted on 10 small latches. Removed easily, but "sitting" is quite good.

Under the cover are protruding aboveOn the one hand, there is an LED flash, on the other hand, an additional microphone for noise reduction during a call. Below are slots for the microSD card, the first and second SIM cards. Approximately half of the free space is occupied by a removable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1850 mAh. Below that is a small speakerphone, covered with a white (for some reason) mesh.

On the top there is a microUSB port and a 3.5 mm TRS (mini-jack). At the bottom - only a hole for the microphone.

On the left side of the smartphone is pairedvolume button. The move is clear, but when I used the device, I, as a right-handed person, wanted the buttons to be slightly lower. To the top exactly lay under the index finger.

The lock / unlock button for the device thatalone was placed on the right side, also informative, with a clear move. A right-handed man easily gropes her with the thumb of his thumb, while a left-hander with unaccustomed will look for the lock button just below. Women's hands did not trust the smartphone for a long time. According to my impressions, for them it is still too big.

Speaking of the size of the device, I was not veryIt’s convenient to use the smartphone with one hand - the lower right corner of the device pressed into the center of the palm every time I reached for the notification shade at the top of the screen or the lock key. But these are purely personal feelings, since I don’t really like large devices with a screen diagonal larger than 4&#8243;. So you can safely cross this “disadvantage” off the list.


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A good IPS matrix in an inexpensive smartphoneсегодня вас, дорогие читатели, не удивишь. PAP4500 оснащён защищённым (Corning Gorilla Glass) ёмкостным экраном (5 одновременных касаний) разрешением 960×540 точек, диагональю 4,5″ (PPI 245). Хорошие углы обзора. Впрочем, учитывая класс смартфона, не стоит ожидать от аппарата характеристик флагманов. Яркость хорошая, на ярком солнце экран не «слепнул».

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Simply put, good display.

Discomfort when used only causesscreen display: well, so much he "zalapyvayas"! Because of this, apparently, from time to time the sensitivity of the sensory layer decreases. First thought: there is no grease repellent coating. Or it doesn’t cope with my “fat” (hussars, be silent! - my hands with soap are constantly). So during use, you will have to wipe the display thoroughly from time to time to bring it “to the senses”.

But to be honest, in practice, not everything is so badas it may seem. Moreover, the smartphone (recall) is equipped with a tight case, velvety inside. If you buy a device, do not ignore this accessory, use it - and the case is protected, and the screen is clean.

Interface features, installed applications in Prestigio PAP4500 DUO. Work with 2-SIM

Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 is responsible for everything here. Updates to Jelly Bean wait, I think, not worth it.

By the way, at the expense of updating the system - immediately after activating the device and connecting to the network, the smartphone politely suggested that I update the system “by air”.

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With a swoop, this was not possible, unfortunately. Paradoxically, there was no microSD card at home, and the system update program categorically refused to load the built-in 2GB memory into the system update program. I had to download the firmware "manually" from the manufacturer's website. Update is critical, be sure to download (if at all you are going to install programs from Google Play).

When you first start the system, you will be met by the Prestigio phone setup wizard.

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As you can see, everything is done to ensure that a personwho had never seen Gmail, was able to fully use the smartphone. And some popular programs (for example, Angry Birds with solitaire) can be installed without even opening a Google account.

Another "out of the box" installed branded "reader" with a built-in book store. Books in different languages, there are both paid and free.

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Prestigio developers are clearlytreated with respect. There are changes, but they are small. Basically, they concern the features of working with two SIM-cards (more on this below). From the interesting: you can mount the internal memory (or microSD card) as a USB-drive; It also has the ability to automatically turn off and turn on the smartphone on a schedule.

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Changed the lock screen. When the screen is locked, you can select one of four shortcuts (Unlock, Call, SMS, Camera), or use the swipe from the bottom of the screen to call the player control widget.

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Shutter notification added a number of switchesto quickly change the state or settings of the device. Thus, you can quickly enable or disable Wi-Fi, change the sound profile, change the screen brightness, or activate a specific SIM card in the "dialer" or SMS editor.

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Теперь о работе аппарата с двумя SIM-картами.A miracle did not happen, so calling from one SIM card to the second will not work. Although the smartphone is assigned two IMEIs, the cards can be “active” at the same time only in standby mode. The first slot holds a USIM/SIM card (UMTS/GSM &#8211; video calls, 3G, GSM/GPRS/EDGE mode), the second slot holds only a SIM (GSM/GPRS/EDGE). To avoid lost calls, the priority setting of “voice” over “data” has been implemented.

Working with two cards did not cause meone question. Everything is simple and logical, you can choose a priority card for calls, data transfer, you can "bind" certain contacts to a specific SIM-card. See pictures, everything is clear:

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Camera and Multimedia

Prestigio PAP4500 DUO installedeight megapixel camera module, flash, fast autofocus, there is HDR mode. But, to be honest, there is little sense from this. The camera in this case is the weakest point of the smartphone, in my opinion.

See for yourself: white casts purple, yellow green - ... But the camera still performs utilitarian and artistic functions: capture important information on the ad, make a psychedelic pet photo for Instagram. Yes, and the neighboring "Lada" in these pictures look much better than in real life.

The video is saved in a 3gp container.Picture: 640&#215;480, 30 fps. Sound: stereo, 16 kHz, 96 kb/s, AAC codec. You can judge the quality yourself. Sound (speaker volume, player, FM receiver) Prestigio PAP4500 DUO, video playback The smartphone can easily claim the title of “music box”, if not in quality, then in the volume of the speaker sound. The sound is dense, clear, without hissing or rattling.

The quality and volume of the headphones alsopumped up. Subjectively, the smartphone produces a pretty good sound - clear, loud. Probably, the device will not please the music lover, but the undemanding buyer will not disappoint.

After starting the program with a straight title“Music” greets us with 4 tabs: “Artists”, “Albums”, “Songs”, “Playlists”. Each of the first three tabs is a filter for the corresponding ID3 tag. There is a sound setting in the form of adjustments to the settings of a 5-band equalizer (menu item “Sound effects”), “reverb” effect (6 presets), “Bass booster” and “3D effect”. The intensity of the last two effects is regulated discretely, they are active only when headphones or a headset are connected. The sound changes noticeably when changing the corresponding parameters, so it makes sense to “play” with the settings (especially if you use the complete headset).

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FM receiver is simple. It is possible to save the frequencies of stations in the “Channel List” in order not to perform scanning every time. You can record the desired excerpt of the radio program in a surprisingly terrible quality (I suppose that the recording goes in one channel at a sampling frequency of 8 kilohertz, but I did not specifically check).

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By the way, that "regular" audio player, that "radio"have one small drawback. They temporarily stop playing when changing audiofocus. It sounds like this: a song is playing, suddenly the playback stops, a sound is heard in the headphones about a new message, the playback of the song or radio program continues. It’s not critical to call it “critical” (in the case of a player it is treated, for example, by installing one of the third-party players from Google Play), just be aware of this. On the other hand, you will not miss the important notice because of the music playing in the headphones.

A native video player is predictably useless if you are going to watch videos downloaded from the Internet.

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So, I advise you to install one of the third-party players.

Performance and autonomy Prestigio PAP4500 DUO

In synthetic tests, the device does not shine. But, frankly, I have a cool attitude to these very tests - the key word of which is “synthetic”. In life, Prestigio PAP4500 DUO shows good performance, both in work and in entertainment - I did not notice the "lags", hangs and other "joys".

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A separate paragraph (or even two) deserves the "autonomy" of the apparatus.

Prestigio PAP4500 DUO is powered by electricitylithium polymer battery with a capacity of 1850 mA / h. The device, on average, “lived” for a day with quite active use: about half an hour of phone calls, two or three hours of reading a book from a smartphone screen with a low screen brightness, twenty to thirty minutes of browsing the network using a standard browser. Synchronization Gmail, Exchange, Facebook, Twitter (official client), Instagram was activated, brightness was adjusted automatically, one SIM is active (MTS, GSM, data transfer is disabled) and one USIM card (TriMob, UMTS, data transfer is enabled).

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With a small load (only calls and SMS, mail synchronization and other once in 15 minutes), the device can live for two days.

In the dry residue

The smartphone has left me more pleasantimpressions of use. This, you know, "male" device. A good screen, a pleasant sound, sufficient performance in most cases and excellent autonomy of the device, a good implementation of the “two-symbol”, a good build - all this allows Prestigio PAP4500 DUO to be called a decent smartphone.

It is worth noting nice additions to Android fromPrestigio developers. They reminded me of a good "custom", and not at all the "factory" firmware (which are usually collected by marketers, and not engineers - do you understand what I mean?).

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Would I recommend Prestigio PAP4500 DUO to purchase? Yes. But provided that you really need 2 SIM-cards in your phone, and the quality of pictures and videos is not very important. And you don’t know what “Jelly Bean” is and it’s not even interesting to you.

4 reasons to buy Prestigio PAP4500 DUO:

  • 2 SIM cards
  • Protected 4.5&#8243; IPS matrix
  • Good sound (both in speaker and headphones)
  • Decent autonomy

3 Reasons not to buy Prestigio PAP4500 DUO:

  • Low quality images and videos from the integrated camera
  • Zalapyvayuschiesya screen
  • You do not like big silver logos on the body of the smartphone