Overwatch 2 will receive a new system of skills and missions as in Diablo 3: the first details about the innovations

Blizzard announced Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon 2019, keeping most of the details secret. Still gamers

will not remain in the dark until the release, and the situation was corrected by Eurogamer reporters.

What is known

According to the publication, in Overwatch 2 will appearstory and heroic missions that resemble seasonal adventures in Diablo 3. Players have to choose one of the heroes and level it up while completing missions. Having received the first, 10th and 20th ranks, gamers will be able to choose one of two talents.

For example, on the first level, the Tracer can choosebetween the Adaptive Reload ability, which reloads pistols when the ability is activated, and Chain reaction, a sticky impulse bomb. At level 10, you will have to choose between Flash, which allows you to jump through the enemy, causing damage, and Hindsight, due to which the Return causes damage to wounded enemies. Having reached level 20, the player will be able to take either Vortex, which attracts and immobilizes the enemy, or Speed ​​kills, thanks to which mortal blows accelerate the reload time.

In addition, with a level increase, the character becomesstronger than in the same World of Warcraft or Diablo. The hero's level of health and damage is increased. Apparently, these bonuses will work only in story and heroic missions, and in PvP leveling is not tolerated.

“Any talents, progress, etc. will not fall intocompetitive part of the game. We are not going to do this so that my Tracer is more powerful than your Tracer. We want it to be an honest playing field, ”said game director Jeff Kaplan.

The story missions themselves are focused on specificcharacters, and each character will receive their own videos and cues depending on the job. Passing adventures, players will be able to collect bonus equipment, such as turrets, grenades and shields.

External Overwatch 2 will also change. The developers promise to update the appearance of the characters, including faces. According to Eurogamer, the characters have become livelier. In addition, the redesign will affect the interface, which will become more flexible.

Gameplay of the new Onslaught mode: