Ozon Launches Free Data Science Education Service

The Ozon Masters educational service includes two directions - theoretical with an emphasis on Data programming

Science and Data Engineering and focused on practical Business Intelligence cases. The classes will be taught by Ozon experts and teachers from Skoltech, HSE, Moscow State University and MIPT.

To start studying at Ozon Masters applicantsyou must register on the site before June 25, online testing by June 30 and pass special exams. It is planned that classes will begin on September 9, 2019. However, Ozon Masters is not a beginner’s programming school. To enter the program, students need a basic knowledge of programming, as well as an understanding of mathematics at least at the second-year level of a technical university.

Training will take place in the evenings at the Ozon office in Moscow City. The training will last more than two years; it will take students at least 20 hours a week to do their homework.