Panasonic has developed a talking robot cat that farts in a bad mood

Specialists from the Japanese company Panasonic, teamed up with University of Technology professor Toyohashi Michio

Okada, developed the talking robot cat Nicobo. For more realism, he was given the opportunity to fart.

Nicobo is equipped with a camera, microphones, andtouch sensors and light sensor. All of this is needed to recognize faces, voices, hugs and movement around the room. A robot cat can be stroked and communicated with, and in a bad mood he is able to fart. Interestingly, during the first communication, the robot knows only a few words, but later it will become smarter and will be able to develop to the level of a child.

The cost of an unusual pet is 26 thousandrubles. However, it will no longer be possible to purchase it, since the company announced that it is selling only 320 of these robots, which have already been sold out.