Paramount Group sold nine Mwari strike aircraft to the South African Air Force and unknown customers

The South African company Paramount Group received an order for the supply of nine attack aircraft Mwari.

What is known

The manufacturer announced a new order as part ofAfrica Aerospace and Defense Expo events. Sam Amsterdam, a spokesman for a South African company, told Defense News that one of the customers was the South African Air Force. The names of other clients are kept secret.

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Paramount Group is partnering with Germany's Hensoldt to integrate the Argos II airborne surveillance system into Mwari aircraft. It makes it possible to detect and identify targets.

Mwari strike aircraft equipped with enginesPT6A-66B with a capacity of 950 horsepower manufactured by the American company Pratt & Whitney. The maximum speed of the aircraft is 500 km/h. The aircraft can use short runways (up to 600 m). The practical ceiling reaches 9.5 km, and the cruising range is 900 km.

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Mwari is equipped with six suspension points forrockets and bombs. The aircraft also has a 20 mm automatic gun and a compartment for electro-optical sensors for reconnaissance missions. The maximum payload weight is 800 kg.

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The most affordable version of Mwari costs about $10 million. The maximum price for a combat modification of an aircraft with a full set of weapons is $20 million.

Images: Paramount Group, FlightGlobal