Parker probe broke two records: it flew very close to the Sun at great speed

The Parker Solar Probe has completed its tenth rendezvous with the Sun. In the process, he set two new records -

one by approaching the star, and the second bythe maximum speed of movement of an object created by people in the entire history of mankind. Parker's speed reached 586,864 km / h. If the probe could get people from Earth to the Moon, it would take less than an hour. For comparison, the Apollo spacecraft could reach the Moon in 72 hours, while a modern spacecraft can reach the Moon in 9 hours.

Close encounter (also known as perihelion)occurred at 4:25 am Eastern Standard Time (8:25 UTC). The Parker Solar Probe has approached a record 8.5 million km from the sun's surface. The device will stay near the star until November 26, and then begin to move away.

Two records did not affect the work of the spaceship, now it is in normal condition, all systems are working. However, the probe has already begun to report on the potentially destructive effect of dust on the body and structural parts of the apparatus. From December 23, "Parker" will transmit scientific data to Earth, mainly concerning the properties and structure of the solar wind, as well as the dusty environment near the Sun.

Solar probe "Parker" - automaticNASA spacecraft to study the outer corona of the Sun. It is assumed that it will approach the "surface" of the Sun at a distance of 8.86 of the Sun's radius. The probe is named after the American astrophysicist Eugene Parker, who predicted the existence of the solar wind in 1958.

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