Patreon, which brought money to bloggers, was blocked in Russia

Subscribers to the Patreon service, which allows authors of creative works to earn on them, reported

its unavailability. Access was also lost to the Grammarly service, which helps to write texts in English more efficiently. Discuss

As Roskomsvoboda found out, the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federationblocked access to the DOXA editorial statement, which had been on Patreon since February 25. In a statement, the journalists opposed the conduct of a "special military operation" on the territory of Ukraine. Due to the fact that the blocking is carried out via HTTPS, the entire site has become unavailable.

As for Grammarly, they blocked the service's statement that it was suspending its work on the territory of the Russian Federation and Belarus. Another 17 sites are blocked with Grammarly, many of them by “mask”.