Pavel Durov criticized WhatsApp and advised to remove it from a smartphone

WhatsApp recently found another critical vulnerability. The problem has already been solved, but the founder of Telegram Pavel

Durov could not restrain himself and criticized the developers of the messenger.

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“In May, I predicted that vulnerabilities in WhatsApp would be identified, and serious security problems would follow one after the other, as it was before,” Durov writes.

According to him, the problem is in the Facebook parent company, which participates in the US National Security Agency's program for collecting population data (PRISM).

“WhatsApp doesn't just protect your messages -this app is constantly used as a Trojan horse to monitor photos and videos that users store outside of WhatsApp. Why would they do this? Facebook was part of government surveillance programs long before it acquired WhatsApp. It is naive to think that the company changed its policy after the deal, ”says Durov.

Therefore, its recommendations to userscategorical: “Regardless of the main intentions of the parent company WhatsApp, the recommendations for their end users are the same: if you do not want all your photos and messages to become public one day, you must remove WhatsApp from your phone”

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