Pay less and get more: Razer updated Ripsaw HD capture card

Razer continues to work for the benefit of YouTube and Twitch streamers and has updated the entry-level Ripsaw HD capture card.

What is known

According to The Verge, the second generation of the boardretained a separate audio input, as well as an output for overlaying comments and sound. In the new Ripsaw HD, the company also decided to update the ports by adding USB-C and USB-A 3.0. Unfortunately, the streamer still has to send the captured video to a PC, and support for external drives like AVerMedia 2 Plus was never delivered.

If updated ports are unlikely to force streamerschange the board, then the declared 4K support will be a good incentive. The card still broadcasts images at 1080p and 60 FPS, but you can play at a higher resolution.

Ripsaw HD 2nd generation costs $160, which$20 cheaper than the first version at launch. With this price tag, Razer's new card becomes a competitor to the Elgato HD60, which, although in the same class, costs more and offers less.