Peakago is probably the smallest laptop

An interesting thing was presented at IndieGoGo - a laptop with a seven-inch touchscreen and an IPS matrix that weighs only

536 grams. The device was conceived by the developers as an alternative to heavy laptops, which are quite inconvenient to take on trips and trips.

What's inside?

For its weight and size Peakago has a goodthe filling is an Intel 8350 chipset, 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 128 GB solid state drive. This is enough to work on Windows 10 with comfort. The 4G module and Wi-Fi are responsible for communication; USB 3.0 and Type-C are built in for data exchange, through which charging is also carried out. Also, the picture can be displayed on the big screen using Micro HDMI.

It should be noted and the possibilities for differentmodes of use of the device: this is both a laptop and a tablet. When using Peakago as a tablet (the device simply folds up, leaving the keyboard behind the screen), the keyboard locks. You can also install a laptop "house".

While the development company sends out to surveyorsprototypes, the date of the general release is unknown. However, they have already stated that the price of the device will be quite affordable, which is exhibited as a virtue of Peakago.


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