People first descended to the bottom of the "Hell's Well": what did they find there

Cavers from Oman became the first people to descend to the bottom of the 112-deep "Hell's Well"

meters in Yemen. Locals consider this place to be the gateway to the underworld, which is teeming with jinn.

Natural funnel, officially known asthe well of Barkhaut, has a frighteningly circular entrance about 30 m in diameter. It is located in the middle of the desert in the Al-Mahra province in eastern Yemen, near the border with Oman. Amateur cavers have entered the funnel before, but no one has reached the bottom of the sinkhole.


Last week, a team of 10 researchers fromThe Omani Caves Exploration Team (OCET) explored the Barhout well. They used a pulley system. It is usually used to reduce the effort required to lift a load. The more pulleys used in the system, the easier it will be to lift the object. Eight members of the group descended to the bottom of the hole, the other two remained at the top.

Oman Cave Exploration Team / Oman Cave Exploration TeamOman Cave Exploration Team / Oman Cave Exploration TeamOman Cave Exploration Team / Oman Cave Exploration Team

During the investigation of the well, specialistsfound snakes, dead animals and cave pearls, but found no jinn, no passage to hell. The cave pearls were gray and lemon green. The formation is represented by balls of calcite that form in karst caves due to dripping water.

“We collected samples of water, rocks, soil andsome dead animals but have not yet analyzed them, ”Mohammed al-Kindi, professor of geology at the German University of Technology in Oman, told Agence France-Presse. He added that the full report of the expedition will be released soon.

The exact age of the Barkhout well is unknown, but, according to scientists, it is most likely millions of years old.

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