Perfectionist hell: users complain about iMac curves

At the end of April, Apple introduced the new iMac with an updated design, vibrant colors and corporate

processor M1. But it turned out they were far from perfect.

What's wrong?

Some monoblocks have a productiona defect that causes the display to sit unevenly on the stand. As a result, you end up with a device whose screen is tilted to one side. At first, you may not even notice it, but the subconscious mind tells you that something is wrong. A regular ruler will help to dot all the "i" s.

So far, only a few such cases are known.The author of the YouTube channel iPhonedo even filmed a video that shows the unbalance of the device. It was after this video that some users took measurements and found a problem with their iMac.

Also the problem is that the display is attached tobracket with seven screws, so users cannot correct the curvature by themselves. And Apple did not acknowledge this defect. Therefore, after purchase, it is better to immediately check your computer so that if necessary, return it within 14 days.

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