Perm students gathered a rock band from robots

The rock band presentation will be held on April 16 at the Skolkovo stage at the Skolkovo Robotics conference.

While the robots are out

rock band Promobot wrote one song -“Robobirds”, which the devices can play on two guitars, keyboards and a drum set. According to Kivokurtsev, several Russian bands plan to perform this track at their performances.

PNRPU students, armed with basic softwaresoftware, created the first rock group in Russia, consisting only of robots. The young people wrote a special script, thanks to which one of the robots plays the drum set, the other on the keys, two robots play the guitars.

Founder of Promobot Oleg Kivokurtsev


Earlier Promobot signed a contract with the Americanby Intellitronix, which will be the exclusive distributor of its robots in the United States. The exclusive right to distribute will cost the US company $ 600 thousand, and for the entire batch of Intellitronix robots it can pay up to $ 56.7 million within five years for which the contract is designed.