Petersburg is developing a technology for transmitting data using sounds. It can be used for the Internet of things!

Using the new protocol, you can transmit software updates to devices or

any commands.

It is not yet known how the technology will work and by what engineers intend to transfer data.

There are two standardized protocols in the West,we are also engaged in similar developments. This is data transmission through the traditional “acoustic receiver-emitter” system, that is, data can be transmitted through a microphone and loudspeaker. Let's say embed some information into the sound. For example, in the world of Internet machines, the Internet of things is also very convenient.

Developer Gleb Rogozinsky

Currently, the main network for transmissionData in the Internet of Things technology is considered 5G, which many countries are just beginning to implement. At the same time, groups of scientists are trying to create alternative ways of transmitting information and controlling sensors, including through sound waves.