Petersburg scientists have created a material for wound healing from graphene

Researchers from Peter the Great Polytechnic University have presented a biocompatible material for the treatment of chronic wounds.

It accelerates the healing of complex injuries of soft tissues and affected areas of the skin. The technology for creating a reusable medical coating is described in the journal Functional Biomaterials.

Composite material developed on the basis of graphene(two-dimensional modification of carbon) and polymide polymer. The resulting material is electrically conductive and can be used as a contact surface in wearable wound care devices.

Research in recent decades has shown thatthe processes that occur during wound healing can be effectively controlled using electrical impulses, the developers explain. The electric field has an antimicrobial and wound-healing effect, prevents the formation of scar tissue. But the practical application of this method was limited by the lack of a biocompatible contact that would come into contact with the skin.

Experimental setup for electrical stimulation. Image: Almaz Kamalov et al., Functional Biomaterials

Researchers have shown that a material made from graphene andpolyamide is biocompatible, non-toxic to fibroblasts and has a wound healing effect in vitro experiments. The composite is easy to sterilize at high temperatures, which means it can be reused.

There are now many devices thatthey use electrical stimulation, but they have a significant disadvantage - the electrode that comes into contact with the skin does not have sufficient biocompatibility, which limits the biomedical effect - wounds and scars heal for a long time. The use of the material developed by us solves this problem and promotes faster tissue healing.

Vera Kodolova-Chukhontseva, head of a research project from SPbPU

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