Phone with a good camera 2019 - what is it?

Interest in buying a phone with a good camera 2019 is showing interest todayAlmost every user.

Of course, among such an abundance of smartphones on the market, you can just get lost.Today we are talking about two flagships - Google Pixel 4XL vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, which at the momentOne of the foreign resources decided to compare them side-by-side to determine whose camera is shootingbetter.

Pixel 4XL vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

Both phones have a good camera with premiumcharacteristics. And if we are talking about everyday standard shots, the difference will be insignificant. The Google Pixel 4XL and iPhone 11 Pro Max take great photos, though the iPhone 11 Pro Max tends to produce cooler-toned images while the Pixel 4XL has a warmer overall tonality.

Each smartphone does a good job of backlighting andshadows, but the Pixel 4XL has a feature for setting these options in real time, while they need to be post-processed on the iPhone. The iPhone has a triple camera, the Pixel 4XL is limited to two cameras, a standard wide-angle and a telephoto lens, so it cannot fully match the capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro Max‌.

Last year Google appliedNight Sight (similar to the iPhone’s night mode), and this year this feature continues to be impressive. These two night modes are very similar, and it’s hard to choose a clear winner among photos in low light. The iPhone 11 Pro Max‌ tends to create photos that look a little more natural, while the Pixel 4XL offers sharper, brighter nighttime images that sometimes come out with bright highlights.

Comparing portrait mode, the Pixel 4XL producessharper images, and in most cases it has excellent edge detection between the background and the subject. It is imperfect, and in some cases the iPhone wins, but in most test photos, the Pixel 4XL handles photos in portrait mode better.

The front camera of the Pixel 4XL is presenteda wide-angle lens that can shoot more around you, plus it takes some very sharp photos, especially in portrait mode. There is an option for a wider viewing angle with the iPhone camera, but images from the Pixel 4XL look a little better, although they have a warmer tone.

The Pixel 4XL has a Night Sight option for the front camera, which gives it an edge over the iPhone 11 Pro Max‌ front camera.

When it comes to video, iPhone 11 winsPro Max. It seems that Google is focusing more on photo quality than video quality. The Pixel 4XL supports 4K video, but reaches a maximum of 30 frames per second, while the PiPhone 11 Pro Max‌ supports 60 frames per second. Both have good stabilization capabilities, but the iPhone 11 Pro has a preferred color profile and appearance compared to the Pixel 4XL.

In general, both of these smartphones havehigh-quality cameras capable of creating impressive images, making it difficult to choose a clear winner. Preference usually comes down to the choice of platform and slight aesthetic differences between features such as color profile.